Meet The Maker


I believe not only should you love what you wear, but what you wear should be made with love. It’s not just a slogan, it’s who we are. It started with a dream, a dream of using my creativity and passion to make a difference. I wanted to create The Wandering Child brand ever since I was a little girl staring up in fascination at a manual sewing machine. Watching the seamstress pushing the pedal up and down, over and over, and magically making a beautiful piece of clothing.

I take pride in creating from patterns that are inventive, detailed, and ignite joy. They are comfortable and swaddle your little ones like a hug. The wishes we all have for our children - that they are happy, comfortable, warm, caring, unique, expressive, and natural - are all qualities reflected in the WCC clothes.

As a mom of 3 children, I know how important clothes are. They need to be colorful and cute so that your favorite romper is also their favorite thing to wear. And they need to be ethically made because values are so important to pass on. The clothes we create are made with love so that children who wear them can grow into confident, happy, and joyful individuals.

The clothes you buy also help to express love. Each piece of clothing purchased results in 12 meals for a child living in Kenya, Africa.