Feed The Orphans


It started with a dream, a dream of using my creativity and passion to make a difference. I love to create and have always been fascinated with sewing. I always wondered how it worked; I always thought that those who knew how to operate this intricate device were so smart. Little did I know that I had it in me and I just needed to give it a try.

From there came a clothing brand; a clothing brand that would provide a sense of comfort and empowerment. A clothing brand that would provide a pathway to  out of desperate poverty for those in need.

We started our journey looking for partners committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus. After much searching, we found the right partners, friends like All For His Glory Ministry, committed to the same vision as us.

Last year we were able to donate 1008 meals and this year our goal is 4032 meals. For every 1 item that is purchased we donate 12 meals, and if you purchase 5 items we can donate 1 month worth of meals to a child.

We hope that you and your loved ones continue to follow our journey as we work together to empower and spread the love of Jesus to the less fortunate through our gifts and products!